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ADDIO 2020

A poetic look back on 2020 by Lesley McMorran

You arrived with a bang during fireworks at Disney

a treat to start the year,

with my mum, dad, Grace and me

an atmosphere full of cheer.


Some news reports arrived from China

a novel virus had been found,

we joked over dinner at an American diner

no thoughts of it coming inbound.


Back in Italy my birthday arrived

a fabulous weekend of fun,

feeling happy, healthy, loved and revived

unaware the virus wasn’t done.


Bookings were good and all seemed fine

Dean’s pranks kept locals smiling,

chatting to friends with a glass of wine

without realisation of people dying.


In just one week we had 1400 cases

at first contained in the north,

it rapidly spread to other places

as people moved back and forth.


Some say too late, we got locked down

the mood began to change,

masked trips to get food from town

and Zoom chats with friends to arrange.


At first we loved the new pace of life

working hard outside in the sun,

Grace home schooled without much strife

inventing challenges to have fun.


Our lockdown videos kept people engaged

Dean’s Tik Tok moves were top,

we lost count of the games we played

then reality made us stop.


From countries to continents it spread like fire

no longer an epidemic,

the situation was declared quite dire

WHO announced a true pandemic.


Travel was banned, it hit us hard

our guests began to cancel,

aware we wouldn’t escape unscarred

the effects would be substantial.


Not all was lost we worked a bit

some people made it out,

of course we took a massive hit

of that there is no doubt.


September arrived, school was back

things were looking better,

but 2 weeks later a second attack

poor Grace, the news upset her.


October came, we picked our olives

under the warm autumn sun,

serenaded by our family of robins

three days  and all was done.


November was our saddest time

we lost our little boy,

all thoughts of COVID set aside

we grieved our furry joy.


Christmas came, we stayed at home

ate, drank and watched TV,

in three, at least we weren’t alone

worse places we could be!


I feel it’s time to say goodbye

to a year I won’t forget,

I’ve laughed, I’ve stressed and even cried

but the time I won’t regret.


My family and friends are healthy and well

for this I’m truly grateful,

it might have been the year from hell

and for many one quite fatal.


Thanks for all your support everyone

it’s helped us, I must admit,

we hope to see you in 2021

unless it turns to s**t

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